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Colt Poker Added as Approved Site

March 27th, 2012 Comments off

We are happy announce that Colt Poker has joined the ranks of our recommended USA friendly poker sites. Running on the Cake Poker Network Colt Poker is somewhat new but quickly gaining US players.

Sign up at Colt Poker through our site and receive a 110% match bonus up to $600. A Colt Poker bonuscode is not needed simply use any of our links.

The site traffic is good here being part of the Cake Network and the games are pretty juicy at lower stakes. USA players can deposit with credit cards or cash transfers and withdraws are offered by check or Wire Transfer.

Check out our Colt Poker review for full details or all US poker sites we recommend.

USA Poker Sites for Apple

March 26th, 2012 Comments off

Do you own an Apple computer but still want to play online poker? Check out these USA poker sites where you can download the poker software with your Apple machine.

The best Apple compatible USA online poker sites run on the Merge Poker Network. The Merge Network is now the largest poker network available for USA residents. Always find the stakes level you are looking for and also the biggest guaranteed tournaments and sit n go’s.

The two Apple sites that we highly recommend are PDC Poker and PokerHost. Both offer a download version of their software for Apple computers and both have geat site traffic. PokerHost is offering all new players a 150% first deposit bonus up to $750 and PDC Poker is offering a 100% match bonus up to $600 for new players. While the PoketHost bonus may be a little bigger, and they regularly offer re-deposit bonuses, if you play a lot of poker PDC may be the better choice. On top of the $600 bonus you can also earn up to 35% cash back daily on fee’s rake at PDC Poker. After exchanging your points to cash that percentage actualy climbs to 45%. Check out the PDC Poker review or the PokerHost review for full details.

The next USA poker site we recommend for Apple is Lock Poker. Lock Poker also gives away a 150% match bonus up to $750 for signing up through our site. A great advantage to playing at Lock is that USA credit cards really work well here. We have made many many deposits with our USA issued credit card and have never had one deposit declined. Check out the Lock Poker review for details on the site.

The other USA online poker sites we recommend is Carbon Poker and Aced Poker. Both also operate on the Merge Network and offer great sign up bonuses. For a full listing of Apple computer compatible poker sites see our Mac Poker Sites page and get started today.

If for some reason you do not like the Merge Network poker sites your only other choice is BetOnline. BetOnline offers a download version for Apple but does not have the site traffic for tournaments the above sites do. If you play cash rings check out the BetOnline Poker review. There are plenty of juicy ring games here because of inexperienced players.

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Best USA Poker Sites March 2012 Update

March 19th, 2012 Comments off

We here at Ultimate Poker Bonus strive to bring the best USA friendly poker sites available. From time to time we update what we feel are the best USA online poker sites available based on several different factors.

For the month of March our top USA poker sites are PokerHost (which always remains a top choice), PDC Poker and Lock Poker. We play regularly at all three poker sites and have never had a problem with any of them.

PokerHost has always been a top recommended poker site that accepts USA players. They offer a great bonus of 150% match up to $750 on your first deposit and also offer an ongoing 75% match bonus on all future deposits. They have great banking options for USA players and offer the best customer service of any site we recommend. If you haven’t tried PokerHost check them out, you will not be disappointed. They have the best site traffic and poker software available. To see our full review and to claim your bonus see our PokerHost review.

The next poker site on our list is PDC Poker. PDC runs on the same network as PokerHost and also has great site traffic. PDC Poker now also offers up to 35% cash back daily on your fee’s and rake. The cashback is placed directly into your poker account daily. PDC Poker offers a 100% match bonus up to $600. For more details see our PDC Poker review and sign up.

Our third recommended USA poker site is Lock Poker. Lock Poker also runs on the Merge Network and has great site traffic for ring games as well as tournaments. A great advantage to playing at Lock Poker is their ability to process USA credit cards.  We have deposited numerous times at Lock with our credit card and never once had it declined. Take advantage of the 150% match bonus up to $750 as well as up to 35% cash back daily. Check out our Lock Poker review for more details and to sign up.

As we update our recommend USA poker sites we will be sure to post them here so check back often.

Aced Poker Added as Approved Site

March 2nd, 2012 Comments off

We are happy to announce that after hours of play we have added Aced Poker to our recommended list. Aced Poker accepts USA players and offers great site traffic, bonuses and features being part of the Merge Poker Network.

Sign up at Aced Poker and receive a very generous bonus of 150% match on your first deposit up to $750. Also receive cash back based on your play. Receive up to 45% cash back daily placed directly back into your poker account!

Being part of the Merge Network, Aced offers great features like “Deal it Twice”, “Show 1 Card” and “Rabbit Hunting”. They also participate in the bad beat jackpot that gets huge at times. While the jackpot is generally between $200,000 and $500,000 we have seen it reach almost 1 million dollars. Site traffic is also great, Aced has the best site traffic available to USA residents.

Banking options are good here as well. Credit Cards work with good success rates and they also offer Western Union as a US deposit method. Check out the Aced Poker review or see the best USA poker sites we recommend. You will not be disappointed with any of them.

Our Best USA Poker Site

February 9th, 2012 Comments off

If your looking for the top USA online poker site, we recommend PokerHost. PokerHost is by far the best USA poker site by far. They offer a great bonus, great software and outstanding customer service.

Receive a 150% match bonus up to $750 on your first deposit by using our link. PokerHost also offers regular re-deposit bonuses, so you should have a pending bonus in your account at all times making free money.

One of toughest things recently for USA poker players is getting deposits approved, but PokerHost has you covered. Use your USA credit card, Western Union or Money Gram. Credit cards work really well here, and withdraws are proceessed fast. Expect to receive any winnings within 48-72  hours either by ACH or Western Union.

PokerHost offers the best site traffic of any USA online poker site and has the biggest and best bad beat jackpot. The software is Mac compatible and offers features like “Deal it Twice”, “Rabbit Hunting” and “Show one Card”. PokerHost also has the biggest guaranteed tournaments of any USA poker site.

See our complete PokerHost review for full details and to claim your bonus. A bonuscode is not needed as long as you use our link you will be credited with your sign-up bonus.

Save Rake at Luvin Poker

November 17th, 2011 Comments off

During November and December Luvin Poker has made a bold move, capping all rake on real money cash games at $1! If you grind it out at ring games this is a huge opportunity to save some serious rake and keep more cash in your bankroll.

This promotion is only available on US tables, so you must look for the tables that play in US dollars and not Euro’s.

Sign up through our site and also receive the largest bonus available to US players, an amazing 200% match up to $1000. This bonus is by far the largest available for US players.

US players also have some good banking options including Visa, Western Union, PIC Club and Wire Transfers. Luvin Poker also does a great job processing withdraws quickly. We regularly withdraw via Western Union and have our funds the very next business day.

For full details and to sign up see our Luvin Poker review and claim the best bonus available.

PokerHost is Back

October 17th, 2011 Comments off

Very happy to announce that PokerHost is once again accepting new USA players. PokerHost has always been one of our top rated USA online poker sites, and are very pleased they are once again accepting new USA players.

PokerHost offers one of the best bonuses available, 150% match on your first deposit up to $750. They have great site traffic and also offer a bad beat jackpot. If your looking for a solid poker site to play at check out PokerHost.

They have great customer service and also offer good deposit options for USA players. Withdraws are processed fast with Western Union being available with 48 hours at the most.

For more information see the PokerHost review and claim a great bonus.

Finally a USA Mac Poker Site

August 2nd, 2011 Comments off

USA residents finally have a Mac Poker site to play at! Prior to now Mac users needed to play at no download or flash poker sites, but no longer. Check out BetOnline poker and be able to download the software to your Mac.

BetOnline Poker runs on their own network and doesn’t experience great site traffic – yet. As more Americans find BetOnline Poker the site traffic is sure to grow. They offer great deposit options for USA players including instant eChecks. They also have what is probably the best USA credit card acceptance rates in the industry.

First known for their online sportsbook, BetOnline also offers some juicy games. With the poker room being new, many players were recruited through the sportsbook. The players at the tables are gamblers first and poker players second. You won’t find a lot of experienced play at BetOnline which is great to take down some nice pots.

For more information and to sign up see our BetOnline Poker review.

Exclusive Intertops Poker Bonus

July 21st, 2011 Comments off

We are happy to announce we have negotiated an exclusive bonus deal with Intertops Poker. Intertops Poker is our top recommended USA online poker site, and now you can claim a 110% match bonus up to $1000.

To claim this exclusive bonus, you must enter Intetops bonucode UPBONUS when making your first deposit. By doing so you are guaranteed the best bonus, 110% match up to $1000. If you fail to enter the bonuscode you will only receive the standard bonus.

Intertops is a great poker site that also offers an online sportsbook and casino. USA players are welcome, and Intertops offer the best site traffic for any USA friendly poker site. Customer service is great and they offer a good selection of deposit and withdraw options.

Also look for upcoming exclusive tournaments hosted by us at Intertops. For more information and to sign up see our full Intetops Poker review

Intertops Named Best USA Poker Site

July 8th, 2011 Comments off

We are pleased to announce that Intertops is our #1 best USA online poker site. In business since 1983 and online since 1996, Intertops is one of the premier online gaming destinations.

Intertops Poker does not have the name recognition of some other USA friendly poker sites, but if you are a sports bettor chances are you know the name. First an online sportsbook, Intertops never really promoted their poker room until now. Sign up at Intertops and receive a 110% match on your first deposit up to $600. The bonus is pretty easy to clear as well. Earn $1 of your bonus for every $2.38 paid in fee’s and rake.

Intertops Poker runs on the Cake Poker network, which is now the largest network open to USA players. Site traffic is good for both ring games and tournaments. You can always find ring games at levels of your choice and tournaments all have great traffic as well. The largest guaranteed tournament goes on Sundays and has a Guaranteed $100,000 prize pool.

Deposit methods are good at Intertops. Also being an online sportsbook, USA credit cards work well here. You can also deposit with Western Union and Money Gram. If your credit card is declined give them a call and chances are they will get your card approved.

Withdarws are processed fast, usually within 24 hours and 48 hours max. One free withdraw is offered by ACH or Wire Transfer per month, and Check by courier or Western Union can also be requested. Another neat withdraw option is prepaid Visa cards. They arrive via mail within 10 business days and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Customer service is great with Intertops offering telephone, e-mail and Live Chat support. If you like betting on sports and playing poker Intertops lets you do it all from one account. They also offer an online casino.

If your looking for a great place to play online poker from the US, Intertops is a great choice. Again, being in business since 1983 speaks for itself. You cannot operate in the gaming world for over 25 years without giving your players what they are looking for.

See our full Intertops Poker review to get started and claim your bonus.